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Download Templates and save your time.

The possibilities are endless, whether it's a vegan's grocery list, a step-by-step to register a Trademark, or even Bill Gates's Favorite Books.

Create a Template. It's the best way to share your Knowledge and Content.

Keep using your List normally since your checks are not exported, and any changes will only affect the Template if you decide to update it.

Daily Planner Background
Daily Planner Background
Daily Planner Background
Daily Planner Background

Daily Planner

To help you plan your activities and focus on the present, uList powerful home screen contains your active lists and a schedule for the next 3 days. After all, today is the only day you can actually do something.

Dated items show automatically.

Dated items will show up here in order automatically. At midnight, they will move days.

Add any items manually.

Swipe left and click on the sun to add any items here. Repeat to remove.

Create new tasks for today.

Create a new To-do directly on your Daily Planner. They will belong to your standard "My List."

Drag between days.

Drag your items to a different day, and the date will change automatically. Activate the sun to lock the date.


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